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There are certain tax incentives for installing a COOL ROOF and if you qualify you could save BIG!

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Contractors License #548382
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Benefits of a cool roof video:

Commercial Roofing Contractor

Are you tired of a throw away roof? Do you want a commercial roof that costs less, is completely renewable, helps the environment and will instantly lower energy bills?

The fluid applied systems we use have a time tested proven 40 year track record and have out performed everything else on the market. While there are many other commercial roofing contractor applications we provide that also reflect heat from the sun, no other can be offered at such incomparable performance and price.

Other Benefits of a Commercial Cool Roof

* You can save on your annual electric bill by reducing summer air conditioning use.

* If you have time-of-use metering then you can save by having less peak electricity demand.

* By extending the roof life you save on roof maintenance costs and other replacement expenses.

* You have better indoor comfort during the summer months through the reduction of infrared conversion from visible light.

* Reduced heat island effect, especially in the cities and suburbs.

* Less smog formation and air pollution.

* Less roofing material waste that gets added to landfills.

* You may be eligible for tax credits that allow you to have a very favorable return on investment for your commercial cool roof.

* Helps builders and building managers meet California’s Title 24 Energy Efficiency Building Standards.


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